Ken Segall on working with Steve Jobs

Kathryn Bice - AAP

1 minute read

Simplicity champion Ken Segall, former creative director of Apple and author of Insanely Simple: The Obsession that Drives Apple's Success, admits "there's no such thing as simplicity".

What really matters is the feeling of simplicity, the perception of simplicity. 

At the World Business Forum in Sydney on Wednesday, Segall told the crowd Steve Jobs had many different sides. 

Segall said he I found a tiny microcassette that said "Steve Jobs messages". Three recordings on the microcassette happened to catch different aspects of Steve. He really was a regular guy.

Silly Steve: "Attention. Ken, this is Steve. Have you disappeared, have you been abducted by aliens? If and when you return, to earth, give me a call. 323 7575."

Bad Steve: "Tuesday 3.07 am. Hi Ken, this is Steve. I just saw the new colour spot and I think it sucks ... so give me a call."

Good Steve: "Hi Ken, it's Steve Jobs. I'm just calling about the Super Bowl. It looked great and I wanted to celebrate. Give me a call at home."

"Working with Steve was a roller coaster ride but it was worth it."